Our Goals

The goal of Baby Carriers Provided (BCP) is to support optimal brain, social, emotional, and physical development of infants by facilitating the placement of infants in their ideal environment, a caregivers chest, to form a secure psychological attachment with their family unit. BCP will provide baby carriers to caregivers enrolled in WIC, and to social and family service organizations, hospitals, and law enforcement agencies. BCP will also offer training for these public and private organizations promoting safe and proper carrier use. To optimize BCP’s effectiveness, data will be collected from individuals receiving carriers. Documented program successes will be used to modify the BCP training and carrier delivery design to best meet the needs of infant and family units.

One aim of BCP is to significantly increase breastfeeding initiation and duration. By extension decreasing both the infant and mother’s chance of experiencing obesity and other chronic health problems that deplete public health system resources. Putting the baby into her natural habitat, her mothers chest, we hope to show missed feeding cues thus missed opportunities to nurse will be eliminated. Missed cues are often cited by WIC clients as a reason not to put baby to breast. Additionally, when securely attached an infant is able to draw energy from the caregiver easily and efficiently with no interruption to either party which could lead to neonatal weight gain in low birth weight and premature babies.

A second aim of BCP is to champion public health policy methods for addressing infant abuse and an unhealthy developmental trajectory, by extension in the long term, addressing mental health and gun violence issues that stem from a society with the psychological condition of detachment.

The BCP program will be low cost and easy to implement. An adaptive program design will allow BCP to effectively expand its model to additional applications. For example, Child Protective Services, Police responding to domestic violence incidents involving infants, Native American Health and Human Services, Foster and Adoptive Care, rehabilitative support for incarcerated caregivers, as well as, recovery methods for infants born with addictions. Using a baby carrier could be key to leveling the developmental and educational disadvantages of underprivileged children because all babies deserve a secure attachment regardless of race, ethnicity, caregiver-infant blood relationship status, or socio-economic station.

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